Jenna (Kobrowisky) Wentzel – JJK Makeup Artist

About me and my makeup journey….

My makeup journey began at a young age. I started out working the cosmetics counters over the weekends and holidays, and instantly fell in love with the beauty world!  I received invaluable training through the major beauty houses, and went on to become a full time beauty and makeup consultant after school.

As my journey evolved over the years, I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most incredibly talented and creative people in the industry, and have been truly inspired along the way.

I currently work as a freelance & mobile makeup artist in and around Johannesburg. I specialise in bridal makeup & wedding retinue makeup, glamour makeup, photo-shoot makeup and makeup lessons. My studio is based in Linden, where I conduct makeup lessons and offer a variety of makeup products that are trending.

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