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Makeup Tips: Foundation

How to choose the right foundation for your skin type

There are a variety of formulations available for all skin types. Understanding your skin type is the first step in deciding what type of foundation will be best for you. Unless you are really looking for something specific in a foundation (full coverage, durability, waterproof, etc.) there is no reason you can’t find the perfect foundation for you!

Best foundations for dry skin

Liquid foundations are generally the best for dry skin; they smooth on nicely and are easy to blend. Choose a moisturising liquid foundation and try avoiding oil free, mattifying variations. You also want to make sure that your skin is being exfoliated regularly in order to remove dead, flaky skin.  It is essential to use a moisturiser twice daily. This will help give you a smoother foundation application. You can also try a hydrating or illuminating primer before you apply your foundation – there are some really great primers available that work beautifully.

There are other foundations besides liquids that are great for dry skin too, just be sure to avoid oil free and go for the most moisturising formulas. Depending on your coverage and long wearing requirements, you can find a foundation that’s just perfect for you.

Best foundations for combination / oily skin

Generally the oil free and mattifying foundations are best for more oily skin types. There are great liquid formulations available that offer medium to full coverage and are oil free and very long wearing. If you feel like you want a foundation that is a bit lighter in feeling, go for a mouse to powder. These are great because they smooth on really nicely, are easy to blend, and offer decent coverage without being too heavy. You may need to set your foundation with a loose transparent setting powder, this will help keep shine at bay and maintain your matte look for longer. It also helps set the makeup for extra durability.

If you don’t like too much on your face, you can try using an oil control pressed powder, apply with a sponge and build cover where necessary. You may need to carry it with you to touch up during the day, especially if your skin is particularly oily.

Natural and light foundations for a ‘Spa Skin’ look

If you prefer a much more natural look, go for a BB cream or a sheer tinted moisturiser. You could also opt for a light application of a sheer liquid foundation and blend it in with a dampened beauty blender or makeup sponge. This will help pick up excess product and smooth the foundation into the skin.

Spring makeup trends 2018
Spring makeup trends 2018
Spring makeup trends 2018

Best way to apply and blend foundation

No matter which foundation formula you use, it is really important to apply it correctly and make sure it is properly blended and matched.

Firstly, you need to check that the colour is correct. Start by testing it down your jawline and it should blend into your neck, and will disappear under natural light.

  • Apply liquid and mousse foundations with a foundation brush
  • Do not apply too much product, a little goes a long way
  • Once the foundation has been applied to your skin with the brush, take your dampened beauty blender or makeup sponge
  • Dap / press the foundation into your skin with the sponge, this will smooth out any brush strokes and get the foundation as smooth as silk!
  • If necessary, apply a thin veil of powder to set the foundation

My last tip is to spend a little time perfecting your foundation application. The most beautiful looks are based on beautiful looking skin. And take care of your skin, it’s your canvas!

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